The Kuwait Chamber Philharmonia

KCP was established in 1992 by Cezary Owerkowicz and Witold Wnuk. The programmes presented so far have reflected the works of the great European composers and Kuwaiti musicians and have featured international as well as local artistes.
In 1993 The Philharmonia has moved into another phase of its development, involving regular monthly concerts at the RADISSON SAS HOTEL, whose help and support has been exceptional. Concerts have been very well attended and in most cases sold out; the combination of the venue, the performers, the programmes and their organization, together with the support from our audience have contributed to successful and exciting years.
In 2016 The Philharmonia started also cooperation with HILTON KUWAIT RESORT.

The success of the first years has also brought with it a vision of the future. The vision is shared not only by the founders of the Kuwaiti Chamber Philharmonia but also by music lovers across the length and breadth of society in Kuwait, - to help build for future generations in Kuwait, a National Philharmonic Orchestra. The enormity of this undertaking, and its implications on the social, cultural and related economic framework of Kuwait has been appreciated, thus it is by no means a short-term goal. Neither can this goal be realized without the combined support of the private and public sectors and of individual music lovers.

Through the common language of music, the Kuwait Chamber Philharmonia hopes to establish additional bonds of understanding and friendship in the multi-cultural society of Kuwait.
This will have far reaching implications for the future of music and musicians in the State. Up to date KCP have organized around 150 concerts

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